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Dine in only from 11:00am - 3:00pm everyday

3 Rolls / 2 Rolls

Add Avocado,  or Cream Cheese : Extra Charge

Cooked (C) | Partially Cooked (P) | Veggie (V) | Raw (R)

1. California (C)

2. Spicy Tuna (R)* Spicy

3. Salmon Tempura w/o avo (C)

4. Philadelphia w/o avo (R)*

5. Asparagus Tempura w/o avo (C)

6. Shrimp Tempura w/o avo (C)

7. Seaweed Tempura (R)* Spicy

8. Baked Salmon w/o avo (C)

9. Tempura CA w/o avo (C)

10. Spicy Tuna Tempura w/o avo (R)*

11. Veggie (V)

12. Calamari Tempura w/o avo (C)

13. Chicken Teriyaki w/o avo (C)

14. Eel & Cucumber (C)

15. Tuna Maki (R)*

16. Salmon Maki (R)*

17. Cucumber Maki (V)

18. Salmon Skin (C)

19. Sweet Potato Tempura (V)

20. Pumpkin Tempura (V)

21. Spicy Salmon (R)* Spicy

22. Yellowtail Maki (R)*

23. Spicy Albacore (R)* Spicy

24. Avocado Maki (V)

25. Spicy Yellowtail (R)* Spicy

26. Albacore Tempura w/o avo (C)

27. White Fish Tempura w/o avo (C)

28. Spicy Baked Yellowtail w/o avo (C) Spicy

29. Tuna Avocado (R)*

30. Salmon Avocado (R)*


*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have a medical condition

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