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Sushi 1 is a locally owned and operated Japanese Fusion restaurant that brings unique style preparing and cooking for delightful plates that are not only attractive to the eye but enticing to the appetite as well. Each order is prepared with the skill of each chef to bring to life the beauty in fine dining.


Sushi 1 is owned by Mr. Tae Suh who is originally from South Korea. After years of employment in the state of Wyoming, Mr Suh found a home for his dream of owning his own restaurant.  Mr. Suh has always had a love and passion for Japanese style sushi therefore he took the non traditional path and made his dream a reality. As of today, Mr. Suh has been the proud owner of Sushi 1 for 10+ years and continues to share his love for sushi with the community of Greeley. Mr. Suh has started a family here with his lovely wife and plans to continue to grow and expand on his Sushi 1 dreams.



 Sushi 1 opened in the year of 2005. A few years ago Sushi 1 experienced a fire that caused for closure for repairs. At reopening the support from the community of Greeley was  a complete success with outstanding numbers. In appreciation to the town of Greeley for small business support, Mr. Suh continues to improve his restaurant to serve each and every customer with the best service and quality possible.

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